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Client Testimonials 

Fouredge has helped 98%

of businesses save time and money with our cutting-edge technology, tools and tailor-fit solutions to accommodate their business needs.

As a global textile company using SAP for the last 20 years, we faced several obstacles when transforming SAP to digital. Togglenow allowed us to make this transition hassle-free using their tools.

-A Textile Manufacturing Company Head IT

    Founded more than six decades ago, we are an Indian refractory company. We had a significant challenge with SAP's Security & Risk Management. There were many open observations and audit recommendations due to this which had a negative effect on our business. ToggleNow presented us with an approach following their FourEdge discovery phase and deployed their SAP Certified Solutions and SMEs to work on open items. We saw a significant improvement in SAP security and risk management within 3 months. Among the challenges they addressed were Segregation of Duties management, securing SAP systems from identity theft, and setting up mitigation controls. ToggleNow is the best SAP Security & GRC provider we have found.

    -An Indian refractory Head IT & CIO

      Our SAP system has fewer than 400 users. As each person performs multiple tasks, it is challenging to define roles free of SOD. Further, our budget prevents us from investing a significant amount in tools such as SAP GRC. Initially, we considered using customized SoD templates, but things kept getting away from us; therefore, we approached ToggleNow. With ToggleNow, we knew their team could handle anything in the SAP Security & GRC space. We appreciate their flexibility and ability to work within our budget, as well as the quality of their work. More than 100 of the open issues have been resolved within six months.

      -A Logistics Company CFO

        We recently started using ToggleNow’s FourEdge service, and it has been incredibly helpful. We believe ToggleNow is the only partner who has deep SAP Security and GRC experience. They delivered an incredible amount of Security & GRC automation. We highly recommend ToggleNow for SAP Security, GRC Access Control, Process Automation, and Control Definition requirements. Kudos TeamToggleNow.

        -A leading Automobile Manufacturer Chief of Audit & Compliance

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          Get the latest updates
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